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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

We are not alone...

We must stop Caltrans!

Here are just a few groups fighting the Caltrans steamroller plowing through what is left of our beloved wild places...

Thank you for sharing these Kim :)

Caltrans fails to study effects of new freeway bridge runoff on San Joaquin River Restoration

There are too many issues surrounding the Caltrans plan to widen Highway 99 from Ashlan Avenue in Fresno to Avenue 7 in Madera County to cover in just one blog post. This is the third and last in a series of posts that document the Island Park Six-Lane Project and offer my views on the substantial negative impacts this project will have on our nonprofit 501(c)3 Fresno Aquarium project and my beloved hometown since 1979…

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Citizens Win Case Against Destructive Hayward Freeway PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator
Thursday, 02 August 2001
Citizens Win Case Against Destructive Hayward Freeway
August 23, 2001

Hayward Area Planning Assn. and Citizens for Alternative Transportation Solutions win case against destructive bypass project. On August 22, 2001, an Alameda County judged prohibited ACTA from spending sales tax money on the Hayward Route 238 Bypass project.

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NAST caught in state budget process, but wins mitigation for Highway 50 expansion

by Karen Jacques, published on March 3, 2009 at 5:20PM

As everyone who reads the news or watches TV knows, California’s budget process has been a disaster. This is not too surprising considering the state of the economy, the fact that it takes a two-thirds majority to pass the budget, and the inability of the Democrats and Republicans to work together on anything. But what was surprising was that a recent transportation lawsuit won by Sacramento neighborhood and environmental groups was unexpectedly caught up in the middle of it.

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