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Monday, June 14, 2010

They say a picture is worth a thousand words...

Source: Ground Zero(Richardson Grove State Park)

Great shootin' Kim ;)

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  1. So much time we contribute for continued vigiliance and support just to try and maintain the basics of sustainability and substance to keep companies or other collective entities to regulate or watchdog their compulsion to override and control what should be regulated and sincere activities that must be evaluated on broader scale of accomplished and credible oversight and peer review. This project shows how the tendency to override public support and legal mandates to neglect the commitment to Public trust resources.. Caltrans is not acting or displaying credible attempts to curtail the detrimental or locally catastrophic effects that may result from this proposal and distances themselves from the process with their ability to try to create a business-as-usual approach when messing with an ecosystem that was entrusted to the state as a preservation site.. Hopefully they will gain some degree of viability from the outpouring of dissatisfaction that demands them to be more accountable and reputable in their planning processes.


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