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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Families in the Forest

A Family-Style Campout with the Ancient Redwoods in Richardson Grove State Park.
JUNE 6-10
Dawn Redwood Group Camp
Guided Nature Walks
Arts and Crafts
Poster Painting
River Swimming
Jam Circle
Kids Activities
Community Kitchen Area
Letter signing to Caltrans and Govenor
Schedule of Events TBA
Stay 1-5 days
$20 Adult Donation
Kids 12+under Free
Space is Limited
Maximum Group Site Occupancy: 50
To learn more about Families in the Old Growth Redwood Forest visit;


  1. Hello Friends of Richardson Grove,

    I am organizing "Families in the Forest", a family-style campout event June 6-10 in Richardson Grove SP, Dawn Redwood Group Camp. I need a few movers and shakers to lend a hand and supplies for the community kitchen area.

    Supplies needed: cook stove, big pots, pasta,sauce, coffee, oatmeal, fruit, wash tubs and hydrogen peroxide.

    I'd like to offer oatmeal and coffee in the mornings, and a large pot of pasta or grains for dinner to the group campers.

    Also needed are supplies for the Arts and Crafts table; paint, brushes, and posterboard (we'll be making protest signs for the future rallies and protests to Caltrans)

    Also needed: any other arts and craft materials for kids and adults.

    Needed: Stamps for letters to Caltrans and elected officals.

    Needed: Tables and Grove handouts and information(we will be distributing information free to the campers, and have lined paper and envelopes. Campers can write a letter or a sentence, or kids can draw a picture to "Stop this Project NOW!")DVD copies of FEIR to give out free.

    Needed: camp chairs, lanterns, and ground covers for main circle area; A place to sit around the fire, talk, play music, eat, chill. Rugs, tarps, throws, etc.

    Please note: this is a family friendly event. Quiet hours 10pm-7am. Dogs must be kept on a leash at ALL times and kept in a tent or vehicle at night. Any violence or illegal activities will cause you to be escourted out of the park by the Ranger.

  2. We also need firewood for campfires and cooking.


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