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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Families in the Forest Thank You!

"Families in the Forest"
Community Camp out with Old Growth Redwoods in
Richardson Grove State Park
Dawn Redwood Group Camp
June 6-10
Thanks to all who could make it out to Richardson Grove State park last week. We saw a variety of wildlife, and listened to the redwoods upper canopy, sway and squeak, in the coastal winds/ I led guided walks on redwood root ecology, and we examined firsthand how redwoods respond to damage. We studied Caltrans FEIR construction maps, including what trees are proposed to be removed, what trees are proposed to endure root damage, and areas proposed to be cut, filled, and paved. We offered information to the public and displayed a 3D topographic map of Richardson Grove, built by my father. We watched the sun rise, shimmer, and set over the Eel River for five days. We saw shooting stars, sang songs around the campfire, and with permission from residents at the Over Packer's Resort, we painted a rock garden at the south-bound entrance of the grove. Although the event was publicized on MUD radio, the Independent newspaper, and flyers were distributed in Redway, Garberville, Eureka, Arcata, and Trinidad, attendance was low. Donations are still happily accepted and much appreciated. For more information email

Henry Devoy and Family in Richardson Grove c. 1924
(Donated grove to State Parks)

Richardson Grove Rocks!

Interpretive Walk

Famous Wind Fall Tree with Remarkable root system in Richardson Grove

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