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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Thurs, March 31st Direct Action Training!

This Thursday, March 31st, on Cesar Chavez' birthday, Richardson Grove Action Now will be facilitating a Non-Violent Direct Action training. We will begin at 12:00 Noon at Synapsis in Eureka. That's way down on the west end of 3rd Street, next to the St. Vincent de Paul's Free Meal site. Synapsis is a great space and we're excited to be able to do the training there!

This direct action workshop will focus on insurgent skills: organizing ways to become a wrench in the machine; demystifying potential legal risks; preparing us to assert our power with confidence; and arming us with knowledge to prevent the legal system from separating or silencing us.

We will talk about non-violent resistance, historical and current examples of direct action for social and environmental justice, consensus decision-making, choosing our targets and non-violent methods, action roles and affinity groups, and legal and solidarity tactics. While Richardson Grove Action Now is looking forward to more and more people mobilizing and feeling ready for action to stop the road widening, this training can be useful for anyone wishing to stand up, fight back, and assert the power of the people!

The training is free and for people of all ages. We'll have food, coffee, tea, and juice and we welcome you to bring food as well.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Thursday, March 31st
Synapsis, 47 West 3rd Street, Eureka


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