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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Letter To Board of Supes from Chief Thomas Dostou

Dear Sirs and Madame:

It has come to my attention by way of an American Indian associate of mine in Northern California that there is a question concerning the destruction of old growth Redwoods in the Richardson Grove area .

I am presently visiting American Indian communities around the Nation with the intention of coordinating actions related to various other attempts on the part of private or/and public entities to encroach on or destroy natural environments which we in the American Indian community view as having a spiritual as well as a cultural importance for our People.

I am quite sure that you all are aware of the terrible genocide and exploitation that has occurred to American Indian people across this land over the past 500 years. And I am also sure that you are also aware in the particular of the massacre of the Wiyot peoples in 1860 by white settlers.

With this and more in mind, I am sure that you understand that we as Native people are very concerned when we hear that people are wanting to again destroy our lands because we never voluntarily gave up our lands but were forced to cede these lands at the point of a gun or sword. No treaties were signed by the coastal tribes of California giving up the trees, rivers, lakes etc. So basically, you and your government accordingly are an illegal body as per the United Nations Charter of Human Rights and the World Court of the Hague.

What right do you have to decide what will be done with the lands which your ancestors took illegally ?

Thank you .

Chief Thomas Dostou

Nabesse Pishum ( Tom Dostou )

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