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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Road Widening: Cutting Ancient Trees, Replacing Local Jobs With Outside Corporate Interests

Soon, Richardson Grove Action Now will be putting out a new info pamphlet focused on more lies from CalTrans, in particular about its plan for ancient trees in Richardson Grove State Park. Maps from CalTrans fail to show some of the large, old trees that would need to be cut for the road widening.

We ask: Have you seen Richardson Grove? Do YOU believe that road widening can happen without CUTTING BIG TREES?

There are several places where the road is so tight between the trees, CalTrans would have to cut the ancient trees in Richardson Grove State Park to make the road the size it wants. Measuring between two huge old trees on either side of the road, there is only 22.8 feet right up to the trees. STAA truck road, what the feds and CalTrans want, is 28 feet wide! CalTrans needs 24 feet of "traveled way" (road) and two feet of shoulder on each side-even without shoulders they don't even have that much room! The road would necessarily cut right into the trees. Also, there are "fill" and "cut [roots] lines on the CalTrans maps which go right through big trees in the Grove!

In addition, CalTrans, according to its Final Environmental Impact Report, can still cut whole areas of forest on private property to build a retaining wall. The retaining wall is still listed on the CalTrans website charts. CalTrans would have to steal the Singing Trees property through 'eminent domain' to do that. CalTrans has a practice of lying to the public and to the property owners from whom it plans to take land and homes for its highway expansions.

Not ONLY about Ancient Trees

Several local trucking companies, including Gosselin, Customer Truck Service, and Altos Brothers will be forced to fire truck drivers and support personnel if CalTrans does its plan through our old growth redwoods and allows super trucks and trailers into our communities.

At a minimum, six to twelve jobs will disappear from just those Humboldt County companies if CalTrans gets its way. We’re talking $500,000 in lost annual payroll. And that's just three companies. And that's without considering all of the big businesses that will come in and force out local trucking contracts and businesses in time.

Here are links to Richardson Grove Action Now literature. Please distribute! If you need hard copies to give people and can't print them yourself, call (707) 602-7551 and we'll get you some!

Pamphlet for printing:

Pamphlet for reading on the computer:

CalTrans Lies Booklet:

Letter to Humboldt Board of Supervisors (March 8, 2011):

General Flier, 1-sided:

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