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Friday, April 29, 2011

Times-Standard Conflict of Interest...

From the 2003 Caltrans funded study by Cambridge Systematics

A representative of the Eureka Times-Standard, the local newspaper, commented that some businesses, such as newspapers, must keep higher inventory levels due to poor access, erratic deliveries, and damage during transfers. The newspaper’s shippers do not want to bring in newsprint because of the limitations on trucks. The paper probably loses two to three truckloads of newsprint per year. The extra handling due to transferring loads to smaller trucks causes problems. Advertising inserts are printed elsewhere and added to the paper. Typically, about 30 percent of the inserts are bent through extra handling, which requires them to be inserted by hand (rather than using machines). The newspaper has to pay overtime for extra staff to add the inserts. The newspaper is unable to recoup the higher costs through advertising revenue.

[Can a newspaper that wants the road widening project through Richardson Grove cover the issue without biasing everything in favor of the project? We know the Times-Standard has pretty low standards when it comes to objective journalism AS IT IS.]

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