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Friday, April 29, 2011

May Day in Richardson Grove!

Defend our Roots on Sunday the first of May


YES! In Richardson Grove from dawn to dusk. Celebrate the ancient holy day on Sunday May 1st by mingling with the greatest May Poles on the Planet.

Gather at the turnout just north of the Grove just after Bigfoot Burl. The Richardson Grove Truth Booth will be there, stocked with literature, videos, and graphics.

“Guided tours” by our knowledgeable booth crew will be held every hour on the hour. The Children’s Corner will be in session, providing childcare as well as special child-level explorations of the Grove.

Drummers will be drumming and entertainers will be entertaining.
So bring your instruments, songs and signs along with food to share.
Bring your tree ornaments and decorations to make this a May Day to remember.

You can spend some of the day as one of the Eco-tourism Counselors, getting the travelers out of their cars and trucks, hopefully to explore the Grove with the rest of us.

Check it out Sunday May 1st.

Thanks from the Preserve Richardson Grove Hospitality Committee.

For more info call 952-215-4058.

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