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Friday, September 3, 2010

Show your spirit for Richardson Grove!

There are many ways to defend Richardson Grove - currently on the highway carving block. One way is that of photographer Jack Gescheidt whose Tree Spirit Project began six years ago when he photographed volunteers naked in a gigantic coast live oak several hundred years old. On Sunday, Sept 12, the project will come to the grove when Jack will once again unite the naked human form of volunteer participants with the contours of ancient Redwood trees. Jack has never used professional models in any of his forest settings.

The project has taken on a life of its own, according to Jack, “attracting men and women who are drawn to trees as children are. They share stories about how they love to sit under one special tree, or are compelled to climb into one, or how they communicate with them, or how they have always, like me, felt comforted in the presence of trees.”

Jack invites all to enter the Grove at 7 am on Sunday to shed their inhibitions and rekindle “in our hearts a reverence for the interconnectedness of all living creatures.” We can meet outside the Grove at French’s Camp in the early morning on Sunday.

Jack says that “sometimes the photographs seem beside the point, just an excuse to have a powerful experience with a tree again, or for the first time. People overcome fears, reclaim confidence in their bodies, enjoy community in nature.”

As a land of tree huggers and erstwhile devotees of nude swimming, the project is a perfect way for many of us to focus our protective energy on the Grove. To make sure you get there on time, there will be a camp close to the grove in the evening before, Saturday, Sept. 11.

After 9 am, at the conclusion of the project participants will be able gather near the river for a shared meal and discussion of future strategies to save the grove from desecration by CalTrans and the Army Corps of Engineers.

More information on the event and locations, call Paul 923 4488, or Jack 442-8733. To view past projects go to

Richardson Grove Calendar for September 11 and 12:

September 11, 2010:
Camp near Richardson Grove in prep for Tree Spirit Project (and to discuss protecting the Grove - and everything else in our lives that would be killed or horribly altered if the road-widening were to happen.)

September 12, 2010:
Early morning meet at French's Camp outside Grove
7:00am in the Grove
9:00am Project Conclusion;
Shared meal and strategy discussion near river

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