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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Redwood Curtain Bicycle Run Oct. 2-4

Recommendations for cyclists:

-Lightweight backpacking tent(or tarps) for camping
-Backpacking stove, small cooking pot, knife, fork, spoon, (unless your food is ready to eat)
-Clothing for both rain or shine(extra socks, extra underwear, thermals, rain gear, sweater, pants, shorts, long and shortsleeve shirt, etc. Choose outer clothing that is highly visible)
-Autumn rated sleeping bag(backpacking "stuff-sack-able" type recommended)
-Waterproof "stuff-sacks" for clothing and sleeping bag(heavy mil trash bags may suffice)
-Bicycle helmet(reflective vests are recommended as well as front and rear bicycle lights)
-Panniers and/or bicycle trailer(backpacks(especially weighted) are not recommended for long-distance touring, your back will thank you:)
-Water containers(stops for water can be made along tour)
-Extra bicycle tire inner-tubes, flat patch kit, bike tool, pocket knife, cordage, lighter, duct tape, small personal first aid kit, toiletries, sunscreen, toothpaste, toothbrush, biodegradable soap, etc.
-Food for at least the first day. Daily stops for supplies can be made along the ride, keep in mind that food choices and availability will diminish during day two. Lightweight foods high in carbs and protein are recommended. Cereals, sandwiches, and trail mixes are great for those who choose not to cook. (Meal options are more diverse when carrying a stove, but weight restrictions must also be a consideration)

The biggest mistake you can make is to pack too heavy, or to be unprepared for inclement weather. Test your skills and weight restrictions by doing your own 10-20 mile trial run with your gear. Keep in mind that if you forget or need something, there will be other riders that may be able to help you out. Don't bring everything including the kitchen sink! The three day ride will have multiple opportunities to stop and pick up forgotten necessary items.

The cycling distance for the event will be around 30-40 miles per day, mileage per day decreasing as we continue south to the Redwood Curtain.

Flags, signs, etc. are encouraged. However, comfort, safety and visibility are priorities.
Keep you messages positive. Remember, this ride is to bring awareness of the threats towards our State Parks and the Redwood Curtain. This is not a "Critical Mass"(although organizers support that type of action in the right place). This is a fun tour of life behind the Redwood Curtain and to show our support for our beloved State Parks. For safety, the ride will take place off of Hwy 101 and busy streets whenever possible.

Only two things will be provided by organizers: Camping and the safest possible route to Richardson Grove. PARTICIPANTS MUST PROVIDE THEIR OWN FOOD AND GEAR.
Be financially prepared for minor setbacks such as bicycle repairs. Emergency transportation will be available for injured bicyclists only. It is the complete responsibility of the participants of how to return home if you decide to leave the bicycle group before the destination. It is also the responsibility of the participants of how to return home after the ceremony at Richardson Grove on Sunday, Oct. 4th. We recommend that you plan ahead for how you will return. You may choose to bike back, and provide your own camping. Or have someone meet you to pick you up in a vehicle with your bike and gear. Or you may continue with the organizers to San Francisco. Camping will not be provided for bicyclists on Oct. 4th or beyond.

It is a fact that the ride will continue south to the Bay area. Depending upon circumstances unforeseen, we may continue to the State Capital in Sacramento. No matter what happens, we plan to have fun and embrace this adventure as a pilgrimage to the Redwood Curtain(Richardson Grove) the Bay Area...and possibly to Sacramento.

Now, let's ride to Support Our State Parks! To Protect Richardson Grove! To Defend The Redwood Curtain! And To Save Humboldt County!

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