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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Eureka: Even more congested...

Broadway and 5th(Eureka, Ca)

Caltrans has avoided considering the consequences of increased large truck traffic through Humboldt County, including congestion, especially in Eureka, safety, pollution, & roadway maintenance. They ignore the disadvantages to local business of facilitating large franchise retailers.

There is no cumulative impacts evaluation that consider 199/197 and 299 STAA projects, or the 16,000 daily vehicular trips associated with the Eureka marina Center. The narrowly construed purpose ignores other modes of goods movement, such as a maritime highway, thereby subsidizing large trucking concerns.

Humboldt port is ready for appropriate development, and maritime transportation is far more efficient, resistant to rising fuel costs, and amenable to non-fossil fuels, but will not be economically feasible if it has to compete with cherry-picking trucking. 4f of the Federal Code requires such consideration when manipulating roadways in public parks when federal funds are involved.

Despite the fact that Richardson Grove is federally designated murrelet habitat, and there is no data as to occupied habitat, surveys will only be conducted after the project. The murrelets are going extinct south of Richardson Grove and need recruitable habitat. There is absolutely no scientific basis justifying the cutting of old growth redwood tree roots, and no credible evidence in the AR supporting such cutting.

Ken Miller

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  1. These Save Richardson Grove websites and all this information provided, and the amazing way you lay it all out with photos is so impressive to me. Wow, have I ever come across the most powerful individuals in Humboldt County who think like me; imagine that!!!

    Reading these websites, inspires me, and clearly you are all extremely knowledgeable in this process, and you put your ideas forth so clearly, that it is impossible for the truth not to win out here.

    The reason I know, is because I read the entire Caltrans Draft Environmental Impact Report for Richardson Grove, and you have summarized the key issues perfectly in these different websites.

    Just like John Muir of his day one hundred fifty years ago, you all are the John Muir's of today.

    I am in Environmental Protection Process 101. These documentaries on local PBS History of our National Parks brought tears to my eyes in realizing it is the same process a 150 years later. "The protectors of the earth" keeping the "gain seekers" in check. Sierra Club came from John Muir's process. I did not know that.

    Speaking of Sierra Club, Conservation Chair Diane Beck wrote a nice little paragraph on Richardson Grove in Eco News that I liked. Did you see that?

    Wow, am I ever happy to see the website for Inter Tribal Sinkyone Wilderness Council at Trees Foundation. It is my belief the lands are to be returned to the care of the Native American People. I meditate on Sinkyone to run all operations at Richardson Grove. Maybe they will have classes and teach us how to appreciate and protect this, our only, Mother Earth.

    Total admiration, is what I have for all the people on this journey. The Light is Shining Here.


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