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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Petition to Save Richardson Grove


  1. The beautiful drive through Richardson Grove is beautiful because of centuries-old Redwood Trees which cannot be replaced. I know the change is for the benefit of the longer transport rigs, but other alternatives exist. Please, please, please DO NOT CUT our ancient trees. They are much more valuable than the money that might be brought into Humboldt County by widening that stretch of highway. Cutting them down would make me sick.

  2. " Under the Surface Transportation Assistance Act of 1982, STAA trucks cannot legally transport materials through this area because of road size limits in Richardson Grove State Park and Big Lagoon, just south of Crescent City. The Legislature exempted cattle trucks from this regulation in 2007."

    The part about Big Lagoon is a lie. I have repeatedly said those trucks can come from the north on 101, to Humboldt. This info I got from a caltrans employee, who said so a good while ago, at the meeting at Samoa Cookhouse. However he refuses to acknowledge it.


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