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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Statement from Lock-downers at Monday's Direct Action at CalTrans


Right now, community members from Richardson Grove Action Now are locked down inside here in the CalTrans District 1 Headquarters building with One Demand:

Cancel the plan to widen the highway through Richardson Grove IMMEDIATELY!!



The people who are locked down to the CalTrans office risk their freedom in order to Inspire You.

This direct action is born of URGENCY.

The people locked down take this direct action to inspire you to prepare and take action now to stop this destructive plan through Richardson Grove.

Even though we've opposed the plan in the courts,

Even though the Richardson Grove project promises nothing but the downfall of our local economy and the irreparable destruction of our natural environment,

Even though our Earth strains to support over consumption and expansion, and over consumption and expansion would only increase with this road widening,

CalTrans continues to move forward.

In spite of our input, our petitioning,

In spite of our letters to the editors, our calls to politicians

In spite of our lawsuits, our presence in meetings,

In spite of all the outright opposition to the road widening, it seems like they haven't heard us.

We've been loud, but we need to get louder.

Get loud folks!!!

And it's time for us to get more bold!


CalTrans and elected representatives continue to ignore our will, the will of the people, bowing instead to a few big business owners and the wealthiest one percent of our population. People charged with the duty of representing the will of the people blatantly go against us: The Humboldt County Board of Supervisors both secretly and overtly have shut out public participation regarding this project. Elected state assembly member, Wes Chesbro, has lied and given the green light for the ruin of Richardson Grove. CalTrans project manager, Kim Floyd, and District One Supervisor, Charles Fielder, stand to advance their own positions with the completion of the Richardson Grove road widening. They have all rubber stamped this horrendous project in spite of the will of the people.

The people have made a Loud and Bold expression of our desire for autonomous communities. Autonomous communities that operate free from outside domination, free of top-down governance.

We want communities without unnecessary infrastructure.

We want communities not dependent on endless expansion and the false progress of convenience.

We want a place free of corporate invasion, free of WalMarts and prisons.

We want a place that honors the spirit of the land and the spirit of the people who call it home.

We want to cultivate community and we will stand together until this plan and any other nasty plans are canceled!


Profit-driven corporations are vulnerable because working people keep those corporations going and therefore, working people can shut them down! While those who think they are in power are short-sighted and close-minded, the people are fueled by their hearts and spirits. We are compelled, out of necessity, to act to preserve the survival of our ecosystem and respond to the needs of our living families and communities.


Richardson Grove Action Now is in solidarity with the people of Tunisia, Algeria, Albania, Yemen, Chiapas, Egypt, and people all over the world who say NO, WE WILL NOT TAKE IT ANYMORE!

We are in solidarity with all people resisting oppressive conditions imposed upon them and who are rising up against corrupt systems that attempt to enslave them.

We are in solidarity with those fighting back for their freedom. We are here to say “NO. You WILL NOT expand the highway through Richardson Grove. WE WILL STOP YOU.”

During this perilous time in the herstory of this planet and the history of our species, we must, WE MUST Stop the Destruction of the Natural World. We must stop destruction that comes in all shapes and sizes, from international laws that keep people in poor qualities of food, water and air, to the mass of plastic bottles floating in the ocean, the paving over of the life-giving land, to the toxicity that enters our bodies and minds.

The Earth is undergoing a continual smothering into a concrete hell. Capitalism is killing us. We know it's the problem. Focusing on simplifying our lives is the first step towards surviving and determining our own healthy existence.

The people who think they are in power orchestrate wanton destruction of the land and push for the building up of structures that only ensure their profits and deny the survival and quality or our lives. Their aims are presented as progress, yet in reality, they bring us sickness.


We want to be able to walk along the road through Richardson Grove. Those trees in Richardson Grove are in a protected park. We want them to stay that way. With such a small amount of ancient forest left, everything we do to it should be good for the trees, not good for the trucks.

We will defend what's left. We will defend the ancient trees. We will defend our lives from further corporate and military invasion. We have the power to protect the forests for future generations!

Raise your voices and shake the walls of CalTrans! We will Stop This Plan and we are CANCELING THE HIGHWAY EXPANSION PLAN THROUGH RICHARDSON GROVE!


Join us with direct action. It is urgent!


  1. you are not the only people in humboldt. you are not the final voice of the people. you do not speak for us all. the messages being spread by the protesters are often contradictory and inconsistent. outright lies were used to lure people to the rally from OUTSIDE of humboldt county. one of the original notices of the rally stated that caltrans plans to REMOVE OLD GROWTH REDWOODS. i'm sure someone was quick to correct them when they realized that the locals were also seeing the bay ads online.

    you claim to protect the environment, yet many of your supporters arrived in gas guzzling SUVs all alone. and what the fuck did bob marley have to do with this rally?

    your statement of "Richardson Grove Action Now is in solidarity with the people of Tunisia, Algeria, Albania, Yemen, Chiapas, Egypt, and people all over the world who say NO, WE WILL NOT TAKE IT ANYMORE!" as a threat of violence. you should be looked down upon as being no better than the right-wingers who incite violence against the left.

    as for people being hungry, did you think no one would notice all of the food you took from food for people to feed the protesters? you took from the mouths of the starving to further your own agenda.

    this protest was nothing but a publicity stunt. people went there and wanted to be arrested. they wanted to incite the police in hopes that they could claim police brutality. it wasn't as bad as you wanted, so you try to fabricate even more lies of violence.

    your arguments are thinner than the paper pamphlets passed out that now litter the streets of eureka.

    you are the minority. stop saying that you speak for me.

    -humboldt county born and raised


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