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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It's OK to slow down

A varied thrush, black as charred redwood, orange as redwood duff, sits briefly on a fence post. A chipmunk, caught between curiosity and caution considers me, then skittles off to the trees. How will the creatures of this forest cross a wider, faster highway?

I appreciate the well researched letters that have informed us on the Caltrans plan to redesign Richardson Grove. Thank you for the facts and reasoned approaches to balancing our community's economy and quality of life.

I sit in Richardson Grove right now, and from this vantage point I would like to speak for something many of us feel. I would like to speak for love. When I drive to or from Humboldt County, I love driving through this park. I love slowing down, rolling down the windows and feeling the close comfort of the trees: the way they absorb sound, provide shade, forest scents, pattern, color, texture. I roll down the windows and breathe deeply. The passage through this grove, this State Park, is welcome rejuvenation from the freeway part of the journey. I suspect this may be true for many travelers.

Therefore I support saving Richardson Grove from any demolition. It is and will be okay to slow down. It would even be okay to stop for a few minutes in order to preserve this jewel on the journey to and from Humboldt and Del Norte counties.

Cindy Kuttner


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