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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Who supports this project anyways?

The only "people" who are promoting this project is big development.

The Times-Standard printed SIX letters supporting the project, opposed to the massive public outcry of opinion denouncing the project in both the Times-Standard and North coast Journal.

Let's look at the special interests attached to the small enclave of project supporters. Then maybe we can evaluate whether their interests in the project are to help the community...or exploit it.

-J. Warren Hockaday-
-Eureka Chamber of Commerce Executive Director
-Member, Timber Heritage Association
-J. Warren on our port-"Eureka Chamber of Commerce Executive Director J. Warren Hockaday endorsed Option B, citing a predicted "dramatic increase in Pacific Rim Trade" that "other ports can't take due to air quality issues."(Mr. Hackaday would prefer to spoil OUR air)

-Ray Flynn-
-Former Humboldt County Assessor(Hmmmm...)
-Chairman of the Buckeye Conservancy influencing 300,000 acres of forests and ranchland in the county.(The "conservancy" is actually a band of foresters and ranchers dedicated to streamlining timber harvest permits and challenge regulatory restrictions in order to make it easier for landowners to clearcut paradise).
-Ray flynn on Prop. 13-"Though personal income was rising almost as fast as property values, that was little consolation to retired people, or people otherwise on a limited income. Ray Flynn, Humboldt County's assessor at the time, says that though the boom in Humboldt County wasn't as dramatic as it was in the state's urban areas, he witnessed its effect."I had a lot of people sitting across from me crying their eyes out," Flynn says. "They said, "You're forcing me out of my home.'"(Thanks a lot, Ray)

-Mark Loughmiller-
-Executive Director Arcata Recycling Center(Ok...but...)
-Official Arcata "Hippiecrit"
-Mark Loughmiller on population growth-"Loughmiller added, however, that a curbside program can be effective if it collects enough tonnage, since commercial haulers can increase recyclable pick up without a corresponding cost hike. "We need a bigger population base, so perhaps we can look at the possibility of combining Arcata, Eureka and McKinleyville. It's all about volume - if you don't have it, it won't work.""(For Mark, it's all about volume...not community)

-Kit Mann-
-Vice President Kokatat(Korpatat)
-Kit Mann on unions and federal employer regulations- "Invoking the "C" word - "corporation," that is - Kit Mann, vice president and production manager of Kokotat, noted that it is necessary for a business to be profitable to be good, in the basic sense of covering insurance, worker's compensation, benefits and so on. He said, "I have a very deep and abiding commitment to my employees," but argued that the intervention of a third party - whether the government, a union or shareholders - interrupts the relationship between a corporation and its employees."(It's a very deep and abusive relationship when employees are buggered by Kit)
-Kit Mann on Kokatat-"Most people there don't stick it out. Kit Mann, the vice-president of Kokatat, says they hire new people all the time. That's partly because those jobs have high turnover because they are difficult and monotonous."It takes a certain type of person to do that every day," Mann says. "I have a lot of respect for [the workers]. I couldn't do what they do.""(But you can exploit [the workers] just like a big box or corporate chain, right Kit? Where is your conscience?)

-Charles Fiedler-
-CalTrans District 1 Director
-State employee caught with hand in Headwaters Fund cookie jar. (Is this a conflict of interests? A State employee dipping into local funds to promote an unpopular project that would benefit Caltrans district 1 employees? Enough said...)

-Bryan Plumley-
-President of the Arcata Downtown Business Association($)
-Arcata Economic Development Corp. Loan Committee($$)
-Arcata's Economic Development Committee($$$)
-Financial advisor for Edward Jones' Arcata office($$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$)
-Former Third District Supervisor Candidate(Nice try Brian)
-Former President Arcata Mainstreet Board of directors(See ya!)
Brian Plumley on development-"Economic development is a key to a lot of other problems," he said. "With success in that area, a community is able to deal with poverty, housing shortages and drug abuse."(You have it backwards, Brian. Overdevelopment IS the source of a lot of problems, such as poverty, housing shortages and drugs. Get your facts straight)

In summation:
-Project supporters were paid for their endorsements.
-ALL of the above project supporters have financial interests in the mass development of Humboldt County.
-Project supporters clearly have little or no regard for air quality, environmental regulations, retirees and low income residents, workers rights and union organizations, smartgrowth advocacy, and overall community cohesion. This may appear to be a generalization, but after analyzing the facts, it is more than apparent that the handful of paid project supporters have interests opposed to a sustainable and community based lifestyle for Humboldt County residents.

In short, they want to profit from the collapse of the Humboldt Nation.

This is a call for action, as Paul Revere rode to warn the rebel colonialists that the British were invading. "The corporations are coming...the corporations are coming! One if by land(101), two if by sea(Bay), and three if by air(Arcata airport)."

There is a single light in the churchtower. Now is the time for action! Let's kick those greencoat$ out of Humboldt!


  1. In other words... if you support the project, you are not a person?

    Are only people who oppose the project people?

    has a well reasoned post on her blog supporting the project.

  2. From Kym's blog, the one I linked to above:

    "Posted by Eric Kirk on May 24, 2009 at 9:52 pm

    Most of the businesses support the widening. There are a few exceptions, including Singing Trees and the wood carving business right there."

    Kinda goes against your, little support for the widening.

  3. Sorry, I don't have much faith in who you are referring to, Cap. They don't sem to have the experience necessary to tackle this issue.

    What about scientists or professionals?

  4. Ah, a closed mind, makes progress.

  5. Who's mind is actually closed?

    Are there no alternatives to the project?

    How's that poll going, Cap?


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