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Thursday, April 30, 2009

We must all protect the Redwood Curtain from the Imperial Cruisers

I had to post this one as a Star Wars fan :)

Editor’s Note: This letter is addressed to the editor of the North Coast Journal and was submitted to the Redwood Times for publication as well.

In Star Wars, Chapter IV, R2-D2 and C3PO are spiraling down in the escape pod and you can’t see Leia’s crippled ship, only the distant triangle of the Imperial Cruiser that holds it in its bay. Then everyone chuckles when C3PO comments, “The damage doesn’t look as bad from out here.” Since so many people have written to the NCJ explaining the obvious to Hank Sims et al, concerning the Richardson’s Grove realignment, that is not the purpose of this letter. Obviously you have the same perspective concerning it that C3PO had of Leia’s ship and you discount it.
The bottom line is that the project is expensive, unnecessary and more than just “slightly” damaging to the grove. It’s only one mile of highway where big trucks will lose little time by slowing down and driving safely. Besides, there are better alternatives. The damage that will ensue looks slight only to you town dandies way up in the north county. So, what is your vested interest in this project going through, and why are you, the pot, calling the kettle “ham-headed?” Somehow you’ve even managed to make your cartoonist turn his perspective around to a far less accurate one than he had in the previous issue. Our stand in Southern Humboldt is not a “knee-jerk reaction.” From down here the serious damage this will bring home for us is obvious.
My question is, why are you promoting this travesty and discounting the damage? Can you answer that question in your paper, rather than just rhetorically pointing at someone else that was paid off? That’s what this letter is about. Like many other readers down here I’d just like a straight answer to that. No games down here in So Hum, just honest perspectives and concern for our environment.

Saxon Roe

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