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Monday, March 2, 2009

Conflict of interests...

This one is sick...

From the Sub-Standard 02/25/09:

"The public criticism of the Headwaters Fund's five-year report took nearly as long as the report to the Board of Supervisors Tuesday.

Patrick Cleary, chairman of the Headwaters Fund board, presented the report covering the fund's work between 2003 and 2008.

Originally, the fund started at a shade more than $18 million, Cleary said. Now it totals almost $21 million. During the past five years, the fund has distributed $1.6 million in grants, $951,000 in community investment grants and $2.5 million in community investment loans.
One of the main focuses in the past half-decade has been on infrastructure -- amounting to $5 million although the local needs are much more.

”We've had to pick and choose our spots,” Cleary said.

Among those were the Caltrans project to widen U.S. Highway 101 through Richardson Grove; Horizon's addition of a flight to Los Angeles; providing upfront money to bring Delta Airlines service to the North Coast; and leveraging funds to acquire an $8.5 million Federal Aviation Administration grant and funding a study on the Humboldt Bay Harbor Recreation and Conservation District's Redwood Dock."

One more major reason why this project must be stopped...The fund should be used for the Trees, not against them!


  1. The funds are to be used for the displaced workers, oh friend of dumpster muffin.

    Widening this road will help.

  2. Widening the road will not help; and it will cut into the old growth redwoods roots and damage (most likely kill) these old growth redwoods that are thousands of years old.

    Who is overseeing this fund from saving Headwaters from Pacific Lumber crook CEO; another crook who took the retirements and future of Pacific Lumber due to his greed? This Headwaters fund is supposed to be to help loggers and others displaced by the lumber business to re-train to be auto mechanics or nurses or other ways to create long term jobs; and not to the forests further demise. This just gets deeper and deeper as the corruption unravels.

  3. Get the mist out of your eyes and stop spreading lies and hysteria...

    There is far less "widening" and a lot more re-aligning...

    Cant wait for the road to be less dangerous.

  4. speech, eh censorJeff?

  5. I have censored nothing.

    Copy and paste your comments to ensure that they post.

    However, I will remove excessively foul language and/or inflammatory remarks towards race, sex and preference, and of course religion.

    We are all very diverse and emotional beings. But civilization is not very civilized.


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