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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Don't believe the hype! We were non-violent!

NEW! UPDATE 02/10/2011

Click here to listen to KMUD News interview with Caltrans lockdown participants and arrestees!

Watch the Access Humboldt video from Monday's Caltrans Rally!

Were the protesters violent?

Were the cops?

Make your own decisions, don't let the press feed you misinformation, as the Times-Standard and North Coast Journal have been co-opting media for Caltrans since the inception of the Richardson Grove Project...


  1. i like how the guy repeatedly kicking the door had to be reminded that the protest was nonviolent...

  2. FREE SPEECH MY ASS! Why'd you delete my comment? Hypocrite.

  3. kicking the doors is not "non-violent"

  4. Someone is a little bit obsessed. Try to allow comments to post before duplicating multiple comments, "humboldt". It shows up as Spam, and not the good kind either ;)


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